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Alexi "The Dentist"

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Official Site: Sony Computer Entertainment

The Getaway: Black Monday is an action-adventure open world video game, developed by SCE London Studio and distributed by Team Soho, it was released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2. It is a sequel to The Getaway.

Unlike the Grand Theft Auto, True Crime and Driver series, the game features licensed vehicles such as Renault, Brabus, and Vauxhall. There are about 130 playable vehicles.

In the American version of the game, there are two extra vehicles. Those vehicles are a generic orange sports car and a New York City taxi. The taxi is a current generation Ford Crown Victoria.

The game begins with a flashback sequence where Sergeant Ben Mitchell is chasing down an armed teenage robber. Mitch orders him to the floor and the teen stops running, instead aiming for Mitch. Mitch fires, however the teen chooses then to try to turn around and escape, making it seem like Mitch shot him in the back. One year later, Mitch is on his first day back on the team. The team heads towards an East London housing estate where they believe the Collin's Crew is storing drugs in a flat. The team breaks into the flat, but finds it empty (With only two Collins members), but PC Harvey and another SO19 officer find a door that leads to the flat next door, and find tons of drugs. They soon chase them down in the apartment complex and PC Harvey is injured in the leg. Mitch single-handedly hunts down the remaining suspects who take a woman hostage in the roof. Back at the station, Mitch is taunted about the teenager incident and Mitch almost loses his temper when Inspector Munroe informs them of a shooting at a boxing club in Shoreditch. After arriving at the scene, Mitch chases Jimmer Collins who manages to escape.

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