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Abobo's Big Adventure is a freeware parody Flash game.

Aboboy gets kicked in the testicles at the very beginning, then Abobo jumps off the Statue of Liberty exactly right after Aboboy is kidnapped. He notices his son missing, starts crying and vows to find him even if it means killing everybody in the way. After deafeating Willy, he falls into a dungeon, eats an old can of food, uses the toilet, and accidentally flushes himself. After defeating Big Daddy in the swimming stage, he gets out through a pipe and starts fighting the Urban Champion. He was easily defeated and Abobo falls through the man hole and ends up in a palace like in Zelda. After defeating the Old man (Wizard), Abobo finds his son, but it turns out to be The Amazon. Exclaiming to Abobo that he knows where his son is and giving him the Boid. Abobo starts flying after him and they end up in a wrestling tournament. By destroying the arena and killing The Amazon, Abobo falls through the hole and becomes Megabobo. Defeating Mechabobo, he reads on malfunction prints that his son is taken through the Jungle. In a style of Contra, he defeats Fat Kirby twice till he vomits all his meals, and Jerome "Doc" Louis comes out, explaining to Abobo that Little Mac was the one who kidnapped his son all along. Right after Doc was finished training him, Mac became evil and abused his power. To prove that he is the most powerful of them all, he kidnapped Aboboy to lure Abobo since he is the strongest. Doc told Abobo he can train him to fight Mac, to which Abobo agrees, and in a final showdown against BIG MAC, Abobo wins and with the power glove, decapitates Mac and sends his head flying all across the NES universe, before eventually landing on top of the Super Mario Bros. flagpole. After freeing Aboboy, Abobo and him started killing every NES character in the Arena as payback until, it turns out at the end, that it was all just a dream.

The player's objective in Abobo's Big Adventure is to proceed through different levels of the game using Abobo from Double Dragon to rescue his son, Aboboy. The game itself is split into eight different sub-games that follow one another, each an homage to a particular game: Double Drabobo, Super Mabobo, Urban Chabobo, Zeld Abobo, Balloon Abobo/Pro Wrabobo, Mega Mabobo, Contra Bobo, and Punch Abobo. Each game makes use of the directional keys to control the movement of the character, while the 'A' and 'S' keys perform functions related to the particular sub-game, such as punching and kicking respectively. With the exception of Contra Abobo under a specific circumstance, each sub-game is single-player.

Development on the game was started in 2002 by I-Mockery founder Roger Barr, who intended it to be his first full-length flash-based game and to feature his favorite NES character, Abobo. Working with a programmer nicknamed "Bane", they put together several early levels. However the game was delayed by various side projects, including a game with a similar concept named "Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest". He later returned to the game with the help of developers Nick Pasto of PestoForce and "Pox" of The Pox Box, and after mapping out the storyline decided to start the project over from scratch in 2006 due to dissatisfaction with the early work, and the feel that the original programming strayed too far from the feel of an actual NES.

Abobo Abobo Abobo

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