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Air Stryker

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This is a list of villains in the television show VR Troopers.

Ziktor Industries is a company owned by the fictional Karl Ziktor, aka Grimlord in the TV series VR Troopers. The company served as his base of operations from the other side of the reality barrier. It is operated as ruthlessly as the virtual world and is poorly regarded by many of Cross World City's citizens. However no one (the Troopers and Professor Hart included) is aware that Ziktor and Grimlord are the same person.

Very little is seen of the building except for the exterior (taken from Metalder), and Ziktor's office. Throughout the show's run, the office scenes mostly serve as a bridge into Ziktor's transformation into Grimlord, and most of his actions take place in Virtual Reality than here. The sole pieces of equipment are an energy orb (season one) or an energy prism (season two) which Ziktor uses to become Grimlord, and an intercom to communicate with the agents who eventually become Skugs in each episode.

Ziktor Industries' main occupants are few in number, and the episodes feature Ziktor surrounded by tall, ice cold women in black leather and high heels (all of which really are Skugs), a scientist named Strickland (also a Skug), or other agents he had previously attached to assignments and who arrive to report their progress (who eventually become Skugs in each episode). Ziktor also has a pet lizard named Juliet whom he occasionally strokes and pampers whilst gloating.

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