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Alex Udinov

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Alexandra "Alex" Udinov is one of the main characters of Nikita and the deuteragonist of the show.

Alex was arrested, while robbing a drug store with her abusive boyfriend Ronnie; Ronnie shoots the store owner and runs away as the police arrive, leaving Alex, covered in blood, with the stolen drugs. Alex was blamed for the murder and sent to prison - soon after; Alex wakes up in Division, officially having committed suicide in prison, and meets with Michael, who brings her into Division as a new recruit.

This was a ploy set by Nikita who was actually portraying Ronnie in the robbery, so Alex could get into Division as a mole. Amanda originally thinks that Alex is Ukrainian and asks the meaning of her butterfly tattoo, yet Alex is originally from Russia. She came illegally to America in a shipping container, alongside other immigrants, such as Irina. Nikita found Alex, after searching for her for years. Saving Alex was the first time Nikita defied her orders from Division, which were to kill her entire family. As a result Nikita and Alex share a very close bond that is always being tested. Many fans of " Team Nikita" ( consisting of Nikita, Michael, Birkhoff, Sean, and Ryan) consider Alex as the baby of the "family," this is because Alex being the youngest of the group and when her walls are down, she can be childlike and callow.

Alex is the daughter of the late exiled Russian oligarch Nikolai Udinov and his wife who were murdered, by Division on orders of Sergei Semak, when Alex was a child. Nikolai owned the billion-dollar company Zetrov, to which Alex was the sole heir. Her father implored her to practice her American accent as opposed to her more familiar language. Alex was to inherit the Zetrov company and name, which flashbacks show her as never really wanting in the first place. She was saved by Nikita as she watched the rest of her family perish. Nikita was powerless to save Alex from anything else as she had to return to Division, and she gave Alex to one of Nikolai's associates. As a result, Alex was sold into sex slavery at her very young age by her father's former associate, since he needed money and thought no one would recognize her if he did.

Alex Udinov

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