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Ace Cooper

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The Magician (French: Le Magicien) was a French animated television series produced by Xilam between 1997 and 1998, and distributed by Gaumont. It aired on Fox in 1999. The show stars Ace Cooper (Michael Donovan) as the superhero along with his sidekick, Cosmo.

At the dawn of the third millennium, a series of scientific discoveries and radical advances in technology have shaken the world. But enemies of old are still on the loose. Taking advantage of the carefree feeling of hope and optimism, the crime syndicate members along with Blackjack have discretely taken control of all key positions in this fast evolving society, and are quickly shaping them to their favor. One man, though, sees through their conniving tricks, because he himself is a trickster, a manipulator, the king of them all: ACE COOPER - THE MAGICIAN.

The show consists of thirty-nine episodes.

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