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Aisha Campbell

CBUB Wins: 1
CBUB Losses: 3
Win Percentage: 25.00%

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Aisha Campbell is a fictional character from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show. She was portrayed by Karan Ashley.

Spirited and full of energy, Aisha was always up to the challenge of being a Power Ranger. Aisha's ancestor, Miss Alicia, is the second known Yellow Power Ranger.

In the middle of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' second season, Aisha first appears alongside her friends and fellow Stone Canyon High School students, Rocky DeSantos and Adam Park. The trio attempt to rescue their teacher's baby as its carriage rolls down a hillside. Aisha and Kimberly Hart reach the carriage together, providing the first meeting of the future teammates. Aisha, along with Adam and Rocky, are in Angel Grove to participate in a ninja contest; using this knowledge, Lord Zedd sends Goldar to capture them and hold them hostage in the Cave of Despair, planning to turn them into his evil Dark Rangers using a bite from the Serpent of Despair. Aisha picks the locks of her team, but they are recaptured.

When some of the Rangers came to rescue Aisha and her friends, she and the others discover that Billy Cranston is the Blue Ranger, prompting the Kimberly Hart and Tommy Oliver to also reveal their identities to the trio. Rocky, Adam and Aisha are brought to the Command Center and swear that they will not disclose the Rangers' identities. Because the three were trustworthy, Zordon occasionally summoned them when the Power Rangers were preoccupied or needed additional assistance; for example, Aisha used her technical experience from working at a radio station to repair a device that canceled the signal of a brainwashing radio monster.

CBUB Match Record:

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Loss Frenzy 0 to 7
Win Maya (Killer Instinct) 6 to 3
Loss Shuri 0 to 10
Loss Trini Kwan 3 to 15