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Asmodeus (Demon Hunter)

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Demon Hunter is a 2005 action/horror film written by Mitch Gould and directed by Scott Ziehl which follows the half human/half demon Jake Greyman (Sean Patrick Flanery) who works for the church as the last resort when exorcism fails. This film co-stars Colleen Porch as the Demon Hunter's sidekick nun, Sarah Ryan, William Bassett as the overseeing church cardinal, Tania Deighton as the succubus, and Billy Drago as the demon of lust, Asmodeus.

The movie begins in the middle of an exorcism, while demon hunter Jake Greyman waits downstairs in case the exorcism does not end well as it inevitably ends with the possessed girl killing the priest. Jake then heads upstairs, ignoring the pleas of the girl's mother, and he kills the girl to defeat the demon inside her. It's quickly seen that Jake has a dark personality with a cynical outlook on the world and life in general. He is, for the most part, solely focused on killing demons regardless of what he must do to accomplish his task. It's also established early in the movie that he is more than human, he is half demon, and works for the church - having shown up to give the Cardinal his report on the events of the night. Jake suggests that because of the strength of the last three possessed girls he has killed that they may be pregnant. The Cardinal agrees and sends Jake to find a connection between the girls.

The Cardinal then speaks to a young nun named Sarah Ryan and sends her to Jake to assist in the investigation. Their partnership is awkward at first due to Sarah's drastic difference in beliefs about the human world. They soon discover, after Jake looks through the personal belongings of the last possessed girl, that she worked at a modeling agency. Upon arriving at the office of the modeling agency Jake and Sarah finds the owner hung and gutted, Sarah leaves unable to stand the sight (and no doubt the smell) of the corpse. While Jake searches through the desk the succubus, who works for the demon that Jake is hunting, comes through the dead man to taunt Jake - telling him that he has a different purpose in life and that he should take his rightful place in the world. Jake ignores the succubus and returns to the Cardinal to inform him that the three previous girls were all prostitutes and that the now deceased owner of the agency was their pimp and that there was a fourth name on the list. However, though he did mention the succubus he did not reveal the truth as to what she said to him.

Jake and Sarah track down the fourth name on the list, finding her to live in a very large house and that she married a wealthy man. Sarah believes the girl, Nancy, is safer because of this though Jake does not. The Demon has summoned Nancy and she leaves in a limo to the cemetery, where the Demon is hiding. Jake and Sarah, staked outside of Nancy's home, follow her there. At the cemetery Nancy leaves flowers at a grave and sees the demon. She informs her guards that the man is an old friend of her husband's and that they are to wait for her because she wants to speak to him in private and she then follows into the crypt where she saw the demon. Despite following Nancy to the cemetery Jake and Sarah are too late; they approach Nancy's guards just in time to find her stumbling back to the group of men in a daze and already showing signs of demonic possession. Jakes knows he must kill Nancy before she has a chance to give birth to the demon's offspring, just as he did with the previous girls. A fight ensues between Jake and Nancy's guards, Nancy flees and Jake yells to Sarah for her to follow. Jake finds Sarah on the ground, alone, and gets angry when he realizes that she can not kill the girl possessed because she sees the women as victims and believes they could have been saved. Jake tells Sarah to return to the convent and walks away, in which she replies that he is a soulless bastard. At this point the demon had witnessed Jake's fight with the guards and his disappointment in Sarah and he calls to Sarah to come to him and to seek comfort with him. Jake interrogates one of Nancy's guards and walks back to the car where Sarah is waiting. Sarah talks Jake into letting her stay with him by claiming while she can't kill the girls or him, if he turns and joins the demons (knowing now that he is half demon and more susceptible to becoming evil after hearing Nancy refer to him as half-breed) but that she is willing to die for her convictions and that when Jake goes against this demon she may be the only edge he has.

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