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Alberto Falcone

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Alberto Falcone is a fictional comic book villain appearing in books published by DC Comics, in particular the Batman books. In addition to being a mobster, he has also taken credit to be serial killer the Holiday Killer in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's series Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory.

Born to Gotham City crime lord Carmine Falcone on February 14, Alberto earned a scholarship to Harvard University and attended Oxford. As a young man, he is eager to follow his father's footsteps as a crime boss, but Carmine rebuffed his son's efforts; it is suggested that Carmine simply wants him to have a normal life, but does not know how to express those feelings.

Alberto is wounded by the slight, and grows pathologically jealousy of his siblings, Mario and Sofia, as they are allowed to take part in the "family business".

Throughout Batman: The Long Halloween, various Gotham City criminals are murdered by a mysterious vigilante known as "the Holiday Killer." At first, the murdered criminals are connected to Carmine Falcone. "The Irish," a gang of Irish hitmen for hire, are all put under Carmine Falcone's payroll to kill then-district-attorney Harvey Dent by blowing up his house. Later, on Thanksgiving, they are all murdered in a hotel banquet room as they sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner. By Christmas, Milos Grappa, Carmine Falcone's bodyguard is murdered in front of Don's building. It initially seems to be the work of one of Falcone's rivals. On New Year's Eve, however, Alberto Falcone is apparently killed by Holiday during a party on board Falcone's yacht. His body is found and identified by his father and Jasper Dolan, the Gotham City coroner.

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