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Agamotto is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. He is known mainly as the source of the Eye of Agamotto—a tool of magical clairvoyance used by superhero sorcerer Doctor Strange.

In a preface to the Dr. Strange story in The Origin of Marvel Comics, co-creator Stan Lee explained that while many people assumed such names to be distorted allusions to real-world spiritual terminology, he "just made 'em up." In the Modern Greek language, Agamotto's name is transliterated using slightly different vowels in order to avoid an unfortunate resemblance to a vulgar phrase.

The character appears in Marvel Premiere #5 (November 1972), #8 (May 1973), Doctor Strange #1 (June 1974), #5 (December 1974), Marvel Team-Up #77 (January 1979), Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #6-7 (August–September 1989), #32 (August 1991), #43 (July 1992), #48-50 (December 1992-February 1993), #54 (June 1993), #72 (December 1994), and Secret Defenders #25 (March 1995).

Agamotto appeared as part of the "Vishanti" entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89 #8.

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