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Allen Walker

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is the main protagonist of the D.Gray-man manga and anime series created by Katsura Hoshino. He was created from the female protagonist of the D.Gray-man s predecessor Zone; Hoshino lengthened the female character's hair to create Allen's design.

The setting takes place during a fictional 19th century England. Allen is sent by his master to join the Black Order and be an Exorcist, who is able to use a divine substance called Innocence as a weapon and destroy the Millennium Earl's akuma, weapons which use human souls as an energy source. Allen aids the Black Order's attempts to prevent the Earl's plan to destroy the world. He is the prophesied Destroyer of Time and is believed to be the only one able to defeat the Earl. However, a traitor member of the Noah Family, a group of humans who aid the Earl, has implanted his memories into Allen. As the memories will erode Allen away until he becomes a Noah, the Order views him as a potential enemy. It's been revealed that he's not the player left behind by the 14th, but that he is the 14th.

Allen appears other media relating to the franchise, including the two video game and the two light novel. His character has been very popular with the D.Gray-man readers, usually ranking first in the series' popularity polls. Reaction to Allen's character is generally positive. Several pieces of merchandise have been released in Allen's likeness, including a plush doll, a figurine, clothing and cosplay pieces. His character design is highly praised, as well as his difference from of a typical shōnen protagonist.

Creator Katsura Hoshino notes that she does not know where Allen's concept came from as she likes to have her main characters be rambunctious, rude idiots. Although she believed his final design looked best with the Black Order uniform, she wondered if his design should be more masculine. She based him on the female protagonist of the D.Gray-man one-shot Zone; she drew the character with longer hair to create Allen and found it difficult to decide on the hairstyle. Hoshino also comically comments that Allen's hair later in the series has become very similar to a Super Saiyan, a transformation from Dragon Ball, in which the character's hair becomes spiky. She says towards the beginning of D.Gray-man s publication that Allen is one of the hardest characters to draw. Allen's eyes have had different colors such as red and light blue during the manga's first chapters due to a discussion between Hoshino and her editor; it was later officially decided to give him silver eyes.

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