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Agamemnon is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Agamemnon is a half-human and half-Asgardian god. He was born immortal, and though he never physically aged beyond the age of 16 (but employed holograms to appear as a very old man), the Pantheon members are all his descendants: Achilles, Ajax, Andromeda, Atalanta, Cassiopea, Delphi, Hector, Jason, Paris, Perseus, Prometheus, and two characters named Ulysses. He recruited the Pantheon into a team, stationed in the Nevada desert based headquarters called The Mount. Hela the Norse goddess of death called him by the name Vali Halfling. In the Norse myths there were two gods named Vali. One was the son of Loki and Sigyn and the other was the son of Odin and the giantess Rind.

Agamemnon confers with Prometheus about the Hulk, and then invited the Hulk to join the Pantheon. While the Hulk was part of the Pantheon, Agamemnon sends them on various missions, including: sending Pantheon members to save Thunderbolt from a life of crime; sent the Hulk to Israel to bring Achilles and Max Meer to the Pantheon; and directs the Pantheon operation against Dracchiss.

Agamemnon's sanctum is invaded by the villainous Leader. Agamemnon pretends to ally himself with the Leader against HYDRA,. He then gives the Hulk permission to stop the Leader. Agamemnon asks the Hulk to lead the Pantheon in a planned absence, revealing his true appearance as a young teenager. He explains that immortality hit at that point in his life, that his older facade was just an illusion. Agamemnon then leaves the Pantheon to travel through America.

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