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Amanda is a fictional character from the universe of Highlander: The Series and Highlander: The Raven, portrayed by actress Elizabeth Gracen. She is an Immortal.

The character of Amanda was created to be one of Duncan MacLeod's former lovers and as a "villain of the week" type character. She originally appeared in the 1993 episode "The Lady and the Tiger". However, the writers and fans enjoyed her cunning, lying, immoral, selfish, and manipulative ways and she remained a part of the series.

Amanda was born in the Abbey of St. Anne in Normandy, France in 820 (though the exact date is unclear). She was poor, starving, and uneducated, and her skills as a thief were rudimentary at best. It was during this time that she was caught stealing food from a plague-ridden house and savagely beaten in the head, resulting in her first death. Since she had allegedly consumed contaminated food, her body was to be cast into a cleansing fire in an attempt to keep from spreading the plague further. However, the Immortal Rebecca Horne saved her from that fate just as Amanda breathed her last. Rebecca began as Amanda's mentor, but they would eventually became good friends. She taught Amanda about more than just The Game, but also about life and personal growth. It was Rebecca's fondness, empathy, and friendship that motivated Amanda to try and live, if just for a little while, as a "proper lady" should. Amanda left Rebecca and the Abbey of St. Anne in 853; as a departure gift, Rebecca gave Amanda a piece of her crystal The Methuselah Stone, something she had done before with some of her other pupils. It was rumored that whoever possessed all the pieces of the stone would become invincible. Breaking up the stone proved to be an effective means of keeping this ability from falling into the wrong hands, though it would put Amanda's life at risk in the years to come in "Methuselah's Gift".

During her travels later that same year after having left the Abbey, Amanda unfortuitously met up with the Immortal Hengist the Saxon who challenged her for her head. Fearing for her life, she ran back to Rebecca's abbey instead, knowing the Immortal wouldn't be able to fight her on Holy Ground. Rather than coddling her, however, Rebecca advised her ward to consider facing her demons, pointing out that she wouldn't be able to run forever. Gathering her courage Amanda not only faced the Immortal Saxon, she won and received her first Quickening. It was following this experience that she left the abbey a final time to face an uncertain future.

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