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Adam Neramani, also known as Adam-X, X-Treme or Adam-X the X-Treme, is a fictional character from the Marvel Comics universe.

Finding himself on Earth and unaware of his own past, Adam-X began working for industrialist Martin Strong helping bring mutants to a Strong Industries plant where he would seemingly give them shelter. In exchange, Strong promises to help Adam-X regain his identity. During this time, Adam-X develops a close friendship with fellow mutant Michelle Balters, also known as Neurotap . Unbeknown to Adam-X, Strong Industries was, in actuality, funded by Project: Wideawake to develop a means to exterminate the “X” gene that makes mutants. Discovering the truth, Balters flees from Strong Industries and Adam-X is sent to bring her back in.

Although initially meeting as adversaries, Adam-X and X-Force eventually join together to combat Martin Strong, once they discover that he is a mutant himself. Adam-X and Shatterstar, in particular, discover a mutual affinity due to their alien mutant status and love of battle. Membership to X-Force is offered to Adam-X but he declines, choosing instead to find his past and find who he is.

For unknown reasons, Mister Sinister, under the pseudonym of Mr. Milbury, hires Arcade to “test” Adam-X. At the same time, Major Domo hires Arcade to get rid of Shatterstar. Arcade decides to meet the demands of both employers by capturing the two and pit them against one another in Murderworld. After yet again battling one another briefly, Adam-X and Shatterstar join forces and work their way through Murderworld and defeat Arcade.

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Loss Bloodshot 6 to 7

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Loss Songbird (BioShock) 4 to 19

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