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Red Planet is a 2000 Technicolor science fiction film directed by Antony Hoffman, starring Carrie-Anne Moss and Val Kilmer. It was released on November 10, 2000.

In 2056 AD, Earth is in ecologic crisis as a consequence of pollution and overpopulation. Meanwhile, automated interplanetary missions have been seeding Mars with atmosphere-producing algae for twenty years as the first stage in terraforming the planet. When the oxygen quantity produced by the algae is inexplicably reduced, the crew of Mars-1 investigates, and must continue the mission of terraforming the red planet for human colonization.

The team is composed of Quinn Burchenal (Tom Sizemore), an agnostic geneticist, Bud Chatillas (Terence Stamp), an aging philosophical scientist, and surgeon, systems engineer and "space janitor" Robby Gallagher (Val Kilmer), and beautiful, but no-nonsense commander, Kate Bowman (Carrie-Anne Moss). Also on board is arrogant pilot Ted Santen (Benjamin Bratt) and terraforming scientist Pettengil (Simon Baker).

Mars 1 arrives on February 5 2057, but a solar flare disrupts key systems, complicates their orbit and forces Bowman to remain aboard and repair them, while the others land. Their first goal is to locate an automated habitat established earlier on Mars in the Ares Vallis area to manufacture 26 months worth of food and oxygen in preparation for the crew's arrival.


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