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Y: The Last Man is a comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughan and published by Vertigo Comics, about the sole survivor of the spontaneous, simultaneous death of every male mammal on Earth.

Yorick Brown is the son of and brother to . Yorick is the last man on Earth. As such, he often has to travel in disguise to avoid drawing attention from groups like The . One possible reason he survived the plague is because he owned Ampersand, and handling Ampersand's feces in cleaning him up gave him Ampersand's resistance to the plague. Another is that a mystical ring protected him from the effects of the plague - neither is made explicitly clear as to what the real reason for his survival was. After the plague hit, he became suicidal due to his survivor's guilt; only intervention by Agent 711 (showing 355, as it is revealed in the final issues of the series) restored his will to live. He is also 's boyfriend, and maintains a semi-monogamous relationship with her. During their four years apart, he has slept with one other woman and kissed two others. Since learning that Beth was still alive he has become obsessed with trying to reunite with her, often leading to arguments with and over what their priorities should be. Eventually, he and Beth finally reunite in Paris and the next issue has them sharing an apartment as they reconnect. However, Beth shocks Yorick by revealing that she had planned to break up with him just before the plague hit, making Yorick realize his entire quest was for nothing. However, Beth is ready to marry Yorick now that he's matured during his journey. Shocked, Yorick leaves, just missing his older sister and the other bringing his daughter. Leaving, he realizes that the love of his life is actually 355 and goes to find her. Just as they prepare to start a relationship, she is shot dead by Alter, leaving Yorick completely devastated. Alter confronts him, but even though she murdered his mother and the woman he loved, he is unable to kill her. He then spent years with Beth 2, apparently never loving her and more and more devastated by 355's death. In issue #60, he reflects to all the things he lost during the last 60 years (including Dr. Mann and Ampersand) and manages to escape his padded cell that his daughter committed him to in order to prevent him from killing himself. His final fate is uncertain.

Ampersand is 's Capuchin monkey and the only other male mammal to survive the plague. Yorick is raising Ampersand, a helper monkey who will eventually be trained to help an individual with a severe disability (this scenario is based on the real-life Boston organization [http://www.monkeyhelpers.org Helping Hands]). Yorick and Ampersand develop a close bond, and the monkey also bonds with other characters as well.

It is suggested in Y: The Last Man #30 that Ampersand is a genetic mutation, and his feces are actually the reason he and Yorick survived the Plague. Issue 60 shows an aged Ampersand during a flashback during Yorick's visit to Agent 355's grave. Yorick, not wanting Ampersand to suffer, feeds him a poisoned grape, and Ampersand dies at 355's grave. When the original Yorick is shown in his cell, he is accompanied by many clones of Ampersand, all acting well behaved, and laments, "A hundred monkeys later and they still haven't gotten him right."

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