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Gandalf is a fictional character with major roles in J. R. R. Tolkien's novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In these stories, Gandalf appears as a wizard, member and later the head (after Saruman's betrayal and fall) of the order known as the Istari, as well as leader of the Fellowship of the Ring and the army of the West. In The Lord of the Rings, he is initially known as Gandalf the Grey, but after returning from death as Gandalf the White.

Carpenter said that Tolkien recalled buying the postcard during his holiday in Switzerland in 1911. Manfred Zimmerman, however, discovered that the painting was by German artist Josef Madlener and dates to the mid–1920s. Carpenter acknowledged that Tolkien was probably mistaken about the origin of the postcard.

The original painting was auctioned at Sotheby's in London on 12 July 2005 for ₤84,000. The previous owner had been given the painting by Madlener in the 1940s and recalled that Madlener said the mountains in the background were the Torri del Vaiolet, peaks of Dolomites.

When writing The Hobbit in the early 1930s Tolkien gave the name Gandalf to the leader of the dwarves, the character later called Thorin. The name is taken from the same source as all the other Dwarf names (save Balin) in The Hobbit: the "Catalogue of Dwarves" in the Völuspá. The Old Norse name incorporates the words meaning "wand", "staff" or (especially in compounds) "magic" and "elf".

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Loss Emperor Palpatine 44 to 57
Win Voldemort 64 to 28
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Loss Obi-Wan Kenobi 43 to 49
Win Doctor Strange 67 to 50
Win Medivh 66 to 22
Loss Spawn 52 to 55
Win Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden 53 to 13
Win Dark Willow 74 to 33
Win Raistlin Majere 87 to 22
Win Albus Dumbledore 86 to 19
Win Brom 80 to 20
Win Albus Dumbledore 98 to 30
Win Albus Dumbledore 82 to 25
Win Dr. Orpheus 448 to 146
Win Voldemort 46 to 11
Loss Magneto 60 to 72
Loss Darth Vader 11 to 18
Win Kratos 14 to 11
Win Count Dooku 12 to 10
Win Voldemort 21 to 4
Loss Doctor Strange 6 to 19
Win Harry Potter 34 to 7
Win Master Roshi 17 to 8
Win Malekith the Accursed 19 to 3
Win Chernabog 3 to 2

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Win Etrigan the Demon 26 to 12
Loss Rogue 12 to 14

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Win Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden 4 to 2
Win Blackheart 5 to 4