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Zilla Jr.

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Godzilla: The Series is an American/Japanese animated television series which originally aired on Fox Kids in the United States. The show premiered on September 12, 1998, and is a direct sequel to the American Godzilla remake.

Using an art style similar to that of Adelaide's previous productions Men in Black: The Series and Extreme Ghostbusters, the series follows the Humanitarian Environmental (or Ecological, in "Area 51") Analysis Team (H.E.A.T.), a research team lead by Dr. Nick Tatopoulos (voiced by Ian Ziering) as they battle giant monsters which frequently appear in the wake of the events depicted in the film. Godzilla, the only hatchling of its species to survive in the movie, imprints on Nick and becomes the chief weapon summoned against the other monsters encountered by the human characters.

The series also introduces two new characters: Monique Dupre, a French secret agent assigned by Philippe Roache to keep an eye on Godzilla and H.E.A.T., and Randy Hernandez, an intern of Nick's who specializes in computer hacking.

Columbia TriStar Home Video has also released nine episodes on DVD, spread out onto three separate volumes: "The Monster Wars Trilogy", consisting of the same three episodes previously released on the VHS of the same name, "Monster Mayhem", which included "What Dreams May Come", "Bird of Paradise", and "Deadloch", the third volume was entitled "Mutant Madness", which contained "S.C.A.L.E. (Fist Of Godzilla)", "The Twister" and "Where Is Thy Sting?".

Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr. Zilla Jr.

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