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Adam Monroe

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Adam Monroe, also known as in feudal Japan, is a fictional character portrayed by David Anders in the NBC science fiction drama Heroes. The character first appears in the second season episode "Four Months Later...", although the legend of Kensei is referenced several times during the first season. His regenerative ability has halted his aging, making him centuries old in the present of the series. He is the primary antagonist during the second season.

The name "Kensei" means "Sword Saint" and "Takezo" is the birthname of the historical swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi – Kensei is based upon various legends of Japanese swordsmen, including Musashi. According to the legend, Kensei was a Japanese hero, well known for saving Japan from in the 17th century. However, he proves to be an Englishman who came to Japan seeking his fortune.

In the 17th century, civil war threatened Japan; behind it was the warlord "White Beard." Kensei found a sword frozen in the snow. He was not, however, a good enough fighter to wield it, so he went to see the dragon of Kiso Mountain, who could teach him the sword's secrets. The dragon agreed to do this in exchange for Kensei's love. Knowing that Japan would fall under the rule of "White Beard" unless he took action, he had to agree to the dragon's demands even though he loved a princess.

After saving Japan in a great battle, the dragon came to Kensei to claim his end of the bargain. The dragon demanded the life of the swordsmith's daughter, the princess Kensei loved. Instead, Kensei cut out his own heart and handed it to the dragon, saying, "My love is in here. Take it," and he died.

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