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Ace Lightning is the protagonist of the BBC children's television show of the same name. A superhero from the Sixth Dimension, Ace is really a character from a video game and is brought to life to carry out the game's storyline in the real world. Over time, Ace escapes his original programming as a heroic, wise-cracking man, and into an emotional and human person, even finding love in the form of Lady Illusion, the mistress of his arch enemy Lord Fear, whom he is fighting to gain the Amulet of Zoar and send Lord Fear back to prison in the Sixth Dimension. Ace is voiced by Michael Riley.

Ace first comes off as a stereotypical superhero, courageous, heroic and cracks jokes at the villains' expense. However, it is shown he knows very little about the real world, which he describes as a "dimension", and is very tightly wound when it comes to his duties as a Lightning Knight, following the code ("Do right and fear not"), and believes Lightning Knights are not friends but merely allies, although he changes his view upon realising how valuable his sidekick, Mark Hollander, is to him. Ace is very protective of his friends and mankind, who he refers to as mortal. In the first season, Ace's curiosity gets the better of him, leading him to break multiple objects in Mark's house like a blender and the backdoor of Mark's house. In the second season, Ace's emotions become more out-of-control when Lady Illusion affects him with an upgrade that scrambles his original programming. Ace sheds a single tear when Lady Illusion seemingly dies in his arms, in the series' last episode.

Ace's abilities seem to be inspired by those of Superman. He can fly and run at the speed of electricity . He possesses superhuman strength, capable of lifting the heavyweight Anvil into the air and tossing him skywards. In the second season, Ace is upgraded with the abiltiy to shoot projectile fire attacks from his wrist cannon gauntlets. Ace also comes equipped with several Lightning Knight weapons like the Lightning Lance and the Shield of Justice. Ace's trademark attack is the ability to fire electricity from his wrist cannons in a series of forms like electrically-created spear, an explosive electrical orb, and his standard attacks of firing electrical blasts. Ace can recharge his abilities on a transformer.

Ace is foremost of the Lightning Knights and leads the war against Lord Fear and his army of villains. Despite his powers and status, Ace is shown to be a bit klutz and forgetful (two running gag in the first season involve Ace accidentally breaking things around Mark's house and constantly getting Mark's name wrong). Sometime before the events of the show, Ace battled against Lord Fear and crippled his right leg, presumably what made their enemies. Shortly before arriving on Earth, Ace managed to successfully imprison Lord Fear and his gang in chambers of pure energy (according to the yearbook). However, Lady Illusion freed the villains and they stole the Amulet of Zoar. A battle erupted over the Amulet but it was ultimately shattered to pieces. The destruction of the Amulet opened a portal to Earth which Lord Fear used to escape Ace. Ace followed and hired Mark Hollander as his sidekick. Shortly after his arrival on Earth, Ace was captured by Lord Fear but rescued by Mark.

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