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This is a list of the characters featured on The CW's supernatural TV series The Vampire Diaries.

Elena is a seventeen year-old girl who lives in Mystic Falls, Virginia. She is the adopted daughter of Grayson Gilbert and Miranda Sommers Gilbert, and the older sister of Jeremy Gilbert. Her parents were killed in a car crash before the series started. Unknown at the time Stefan Salvatore saved her. Since then, she has been coping with her parents death, with her brother's addiction to drugs and her aunt Jenna's attempts to take care of her and Jeremy. She keeps a diary of everything that happens to her.

When she meets Stefan Salvatore, she falls deeply in love. However, she soon starts to mistrust him due to his lies and to his past history with his brother Damon. When she learns Stefan was in Mystic Falls in 1953, she confronts him and learns he is a century-old vampire. This is the reason why he is so estranged from Damon, who is also a vampire. Elena tells Stefan she can't be with him anymore, but she will keep his secret. After an intense evening (where Stefan stakes Vicki to save Elena and Jeremy), Elena confesses after everything she can't change the way she feels about Stefan. After some dangerous occurrences, Elena sees how good Stefan is. She is still in love with him She tells him they can be together. He says it's too dangerous, and must leave. In the mid-season finale, Elena stops Stefan from leaving with the words, "Stefan I love you." They sleep together for the first time. She then finds out her resemblance to Katherine and leaves.

After some time, Elena discovers several secrets about herself: first, she has a doppelganger; Katherine Pierce, the vampire both Salvatore brothers loved and who turned them. Second, Stefan saved her from the car accident which killed her parents. Third, she was adopted by the Gilberts. Her birth mother is revealed to be Isabel Flemming-Saltzman but she doesn't know who her father is. Later in the season, she learns the man she believed to be her uncle, John Gilbert, (a man she despises) is actually her birth father, who dated Isabel when they were in high school.The season 1 finale John Gilbert was stabbed by Katherine. She later learns Damon turned her mother into a vampire at her own request.

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