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Abigail Arcane

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Abigail "Abby" Arcane Cable Holland is a fictional comic book character in the DC Comics Universe. She is the wife and partner of the Swamp Thing and is the mother of Tefé Holland. Holland possesses natural shining white hair, the color of fresh snow, with two overlapping black streaks of hair starting from above her evenly wide forehead. Holland's psychic powers include empathy, telepathy and telekinesis. She first appeared in Swamp Thing #2 (1972/1973).

Abby Holland is born Abigail Arcane, in Transylvania, Romania in late 1955. The birth takes place at Castle Arcane, her family's ancestral home. Abby is born to Count Gregori Arcane and his beautiful wife Anise. Soon after, however, Gregori's jealous brother Anton Arcane has Anise framed for witchcraft and Abby's mother is burned to death at the stake by superstitious villagers, while Gregori watches helplessly in horror, protecting his infant daughter in his arms, as his wife dies. Gregori is then forced by the government to share custody of Abby with Anton, and is often called away on business commitments out of the country, leaving Abby to her uncle's potential influence and abuses.

Despite having a troubled childhood filled with nightmares and abuses from those around her, Abby manages to keep her sanity and cherishes the rare moments she gets to spend with her father. Growing up, Abby takes on summer interests in hiking in the forests, swimming and diving, amateur rock climbing and sight seeing alone, and all of which fuel her interest in nature, ecology and environmentalism.

As a teenager, Abby experiences a strong sense of empathy with others. At first this terrifies her, but then she becomes more attuned to the ability to "feel" other people's emotions and uses that advantage in ways to help them. Realizing her village needs a medic, she begins to study first aid, eventually becomes a nurse, and rents and manages a children's clinic.

Abigail Arcane Abigail Arcane

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