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Nathan Drake

CBUB Wins: 4
CBUB Losses: 7
Win Percentage: 36.36%

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Uncharted is a series of critically-acclaimed action-adventure platforming third-person shooter video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3 video game console. The series follows the adventures of modern-day treasure hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake as he travels around the world in search of mystical treasures. The series began with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in 2007, and there has since been a sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and a motion comic prequel, Uncharted: Eye of Indra.

The series takes place during modern day, and showcases a wide variety of locales around the world. Featured in the Uncharted series are lush tropical rainforests like the Amazon and Borneo, snow-capped mountain landscapes like Tibet, and urban landscapes like Nepal and Istanbul.

Gameplay in the Uncharted series is a combination of 3D platforming and third-person shooter gameplay elements. Platforming elements allow Nate to jump, swim, grab and move along ledges, climb and swing from ropes, and perform other acrobatic actions that allow players to make their way through the many challenges that 'Nate' Drake will have to face. Although a wide variety of weapons are present in the game, the player can only carry a primary weapon, pistols and a secondary weapon such as rifles and shotguns. These weapons are obtained by picking up weapons dropped by a downed foe or from those scattered around the various maps.

Multiplayer gameplay was introduced in the sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, comprising of both competitive and co-operative multiplayer. The co-op multiplayer allows a maximum of three players to take the roles of Drake and two other "hero" companions and features missions involving gunfights, platforming, and teamwork-based objectives. Players can also assist their comrades if they become critically injured or if they are grabbed by an enemy. Deathmatch features two teams of five, with one team acting as heroes and the other as villains. Players can choose their own appropriate character models (such as Drake, Sully, Elena, and new characters Tenzin and Chloe for the heroes team). As players accrue points and rank up, they can purchase more skins for both heroes and villains.

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