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Alexander Rozhenko

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Alexander Rozhenko is a fictional character in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Alexander Rozhenko is the son of Worf, a Klingon, and the half-human-half-Klingon K'Ehleyr, making Alexander three quarters Klingon. Alexander uses Worf's legal Earth surname, Rozhenko, though his father does not. Alexander was played by several actors: Jon Paul Steuer and Brian Bonsall as a child, Marc Worden as a young adult, and James Sloyan as an adult.

Alexander's birth date is stated as 2366, although Worf did not know of Alexander's birth until 2367.

There is some uncertainty as to the character's birthdate. In order to rationalize Alexander's apparent age, some sources have suggested that he was born in 2359; this is contradicted by various semi-official sources that give the 2366 date, including the biography for the character at startrek.com. Alexander declares his birthdate to his teacher on the Enterprise as "the 43rd day of Makteg, stardate 43205" (which supports the 2366 date)

Following K'Ehleyr's death the same year, Worf accepted Alexander, but sent him to Earth to be raised by Worf's adoptive parents, the Rozhenkos. After about a year, the Rozhenkos decided that Alexander needed his father, and he was sent to live with Worf on the Enterprise. The two usually did not see eye-to-eye, with Worf trying to help Alexander reach his Klingon potential and Alexander heavily resisting, questioning many of more illogical and/or obtuse Klingon traditions as well as feeling more comfortable with the human cultural traditions he had been taught. In 2370, when Alexander was approaching the Age of Ascension , an adult Alexander from the future, at first identifying himself as K'mtar, came back in time to help young Alexander understand the importance of the ritual and accepting his Klingon heritage, although the young Alexander did not know that the man was in fact himself. Eventually, Alexander moved in with his grandparents again.

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