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Adam (Buffy)

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Adam is a fictional character in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, played by George Hertzberg.

Originally a fallen agent of the Initiative, Adam is a creation of Professor Maggie Walsh. He is part human, part demon, and part robot, and was to be the perfect organism, with the adaptability and intelligence of human, the strength of demons and the emotional detachment of a robot. Adam is created in Lab 314, and his first act was killing Professor Walsh with a retractable skewer inside one of his arms.

As soon as he awakens, Adam begins philosophizing about his existence and leaves the lab. He kills and dissects a human boy as well as the bodies of demons, in order to get an understanding of biology. He soon returns to the lab to download every file relating to his creation. Adam can link himself up to computers and possesses considerable intelligence.

Adam does not need to eat, because he has a uranium-based power source in his chest, which also renders him able to survive and regenerate from any wound. He is aware of every aspect of himself, and as such, is immune to universe-changing spell, such as the one cast by Jonathan Levinson in the episode Superstar. Adam is also armed with a three-foot-long bone skewer from a Polgara Demon and a thick hide. He later upgrades himself to incorporate a minigun and grenade launcher. Due to his demonic body parts and cyborg enhancements, Adam is also far stronger and more durable than the Slayer and a vampire of Spike's age and status.

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