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Hollow (formerly called Penance) is an apparently mindless body which three members of the St Croix family, all members of the Marvel Comics superhero team Generation X, had been trapped in at some time. The body possesses red diamond-like skin and rarely speaks.

Shortly after the formation of the mutant teen team Generation X, the red-skinned Monet is dropped onto the front lawn of the Massachusetts Academy by Gateway, who speaks the single word: "Penance ," which is taken by witnesses to be her name. She is brought inside by headmaster Banshee, who discovers her powers as he cuts his hands by trying to pick her up As Penance cannot speak, understand English (apparently), and with an immunity to telepathy, Banshee places her in the infirmary as Banshee and Emma Frost attempt to discover her identity. Teen member M, her relation to Penance unknown, tells the adults that Penance was perhaps a prisoner of Emplate , whom the group had encountered previously and knew only as a parasitic mutant who fed upon other mutants.

As the team leaves, Penance awakens with one thought on her mind: survival. Perceiving the infirmary as a cell, she escapes, tearing the room apart in the process. Hearing the alarms of a breach, the team rushes to the infirmary and is amazed at the damage she caused. The team splits up to find her before she can cause further damage to the Academy. Team member Chamber, feeling a kindred spirit due to his own mutilated body, leaves the group to search for her alone. Feeling that another deformed soul would seek him out, he waited for her arrival. After Penance fights her way past the rest of the team (Husk, Synch, Jubilee, and M), she approaches Chamber, who talks telepathically to her in an attempt to convince her that he knows how she feels and eventually calms the girl down into staying with the team.

During her stay at the Academy, she would rarely interact with her peers, due to her animalistic nature and fright of being captured again. Fortunately, perhaps due to her time with the feral mutant Wolverine, Jubilee becomes a friend to her. Trusting her friends more, Penance begins to go on missions with the others . In a subsequent mission, presumably to cover up their relation, Emplate refers to her as "Yvette" and the others grow somewhat wary of Penance.

Hollow Hollow

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