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Star-Lord is the name of three fictional character that appear in publications published by Marvel Comics.

The first Star-Lord to chronologically appear is Peter Quill, first appears in Marvel Preview #4 (Jan. 1976), and was created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan. The second version, Jason of Spartax, is in fact the father of Peter Quill and appears in a flashback tale in the limited series titled Inhumans vol. 3, #1 - 3 (June - Aug. 2000) and #4 (Oct. 2000) and was created by Carlos Pacheco and Jose Ladronn. The third and final version is Sinjin Quarrell, and first appears in the limited series Starlord #1 - 3 (Dec. 1996 - Feb. 1997), being created by Timothy Zahn and various artists.

The character first appears in the magazine publication Marvel Preview, with creator Steve Englehart stating on his website:

The title establishes that Peter Quill is born during an unusual astronomical phenomenon when many of the planet align. Seeing no resemblance, the man who believed he was Quill's father angrily accused his wife Meredith of infidelity and attempts to kill the infant, but dies of a sudden heart attack. Quill is raised by his single mother until she is killed by an alien. The character is placed in an orphanage but escapes and eventually becomes a trainee NASA astronaut. An alien entity called the Master of the Sun eventually visits the space station that Quill and other astronauts are currently inhabiting, and offers the mantle of Star Lord (an interplanetary policeman) to a worthy candidate, Quill volunteers, but is rejected in favour of a colleague he once treated badly.

Star-Lord Star-Lord Star-Lord

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