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Secret Society of Super Villians

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The Secret Society of Super Villains (SSoSV) (also known simply as The Society) is a group of comic book supervillain that exist in the DC Universe. The SSoSV, first introduced in their own eponym series with issue #1 (May, 1976), could be considered an enemy of the Justice League of America, in whose series they made several appearances during the late 1970s.

The Wizard's group eventually returned from Earth-2 and battled against the Justice League of America aboard their satellite headquarters. At one point in the battle, the two teams swapped bodies, allowing the super villains to discover the true identities of their nemeses. After gaining the upper hand, the Justice League wiped the memories of the super villains, precipitating Identity Crisis and the formation of the current Society years later.

Also notable in this series' run is the first appearance of Captain Comet in over 20 years as well as the introduction of a new Star Sapphire. Both were regular, recurring characters.

The next incarnation of the Secret Society was organized by the Ultra-Humanite, who organized foes of both Earth-One's Justice League of America and Earth-Two's Justice Society of America. This marked the first appearance of the now-classic albino ape body of the Ultra-Humanite.

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