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The Mandalorian, an American space Western television series set in the Star Wars universe created by Jon Favreau and released on Disney+, features an extensive cast of characters. Since the show's debut on November 12, 2019, only one character has appeared in every episode: the protagonist and title character, a bounty hunter primarily known simply as "The Mandalorian" (Din Djarin). Grogu (The Child) is a young alien of the same species as Star Wars character Yoda and the show's hugely popular breakout character, colloquially known among the fandom as "Baby Yoda".

Several supporting characters appeared in at least three episodes of the first season of The Mandalorian, credited as co-starring. These include allies of the Mandalorian such as Cara Dune, Greef Karga, IG-11, Kuiil, and The Armorer. The primary villains of the series belong to a remnant of the Galactic Empire, which is led by Moff Gideon and includes such agents as The Client and . A handful of guest characters made appearances in single episodes, including villagers from the planet Sorgan in "Chapter 4: Sanctuary", a band of mercenaries in "Chapter 6: The Prisoner", and several minor antagonists.

The following cast members have been credited as co-starring in at least two or more episodes within a season.

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