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Delicious In Dungeon Team

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Official Site: Studio Trigger

is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ryōko Kui. It was serialized in Enterbrain's manga magazine Harta from February 2014 to September 2023. Yen Press has licensed the series in North America. An anime television series adaptation produced by Trigger premiered in January 2024.

In a fantasy world of dungeon exploration, adventuring parties set out on expeditions to raid dungeons, with many hoping to find the mysterious Golden Kingdom, which is said to be the treasure of an island dungeon.

The story begins as a group of adventurers unsuccessfully attempt to slay a red dragon and are forced to escape as it consumes the leader's sister, Falin Touden, a "tallman" (human) spellcaster. Wanting to rescue Falin, who used magic to teleport them to safety, the remaining members of the party—Laios Touden, a tallman swordsman; Chilchuck Tims, a halfling locksmith; and Marcille Donato, an elven spellcaster—brainstorm how to get back to the dungeon level with the dragon in time to save Falin from digestion. With most of their supplies left behind in the dungeon, their mission seems impossible until Laios, who secretly wants to eat dungeon monsters, suggests they sustain themselves by finding food inside, to which Chilchuck and Marcille reluctantly agree. Inside, they encounter Senshi, a dwarf with many years of experience surviving in the dungeon by cooking monsters and harvesting food.

The story details their travels through the dungeon, the environments, traps, and monsters they encounter, and the meals they create.

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