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Akira Kazama

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This is a list of characters from the Rival Schools series of video game and comic book.


is the main protagonist in both Rival Schools games. In Rival Schools: United by Fate, he is introduced as recently transferred student to Taiyo High searching for his mother. Joined by and , Batsu finds the person responsible for it is his long-lost father, . His individual ending in the game reveals he saves his mother and makes peace with his father, once he learn that the latter was brainwashed by his school's own student who orchestrated the event.

In the sequel, Project Justice, Batsu is again the main character, but is dogged by accusations that he is responsible for a new wave of attacks on local schools. The Taiyo High story in the game illustrates two different fates for him; either he fights off the allegation with the help of students from Pacific High School, or disappears for a period of time before returning with increased fighting power. The powered-up Batsu is playable in the game as Burning Batsu.

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