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Michael Sullivan

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Official Site: James Patterson

Cross is James Patterson's 12th novel featuring his most famous character, Alex Cross. It was released in 2006. This novel was also released in some markets under the title Alex Cross. This book is followed by Double Cross.

Alex Cross's former partner, John Sampson, asks him to investigate the case of a serial rapist in Georgetown with similarities to a case they worked on together before. The case ends up having a connection to the death of Cross's wife, Maria.

Patterson portrays him as a lonely person but also as a model father who tries to spend as much time as possible with his family.

Her real name is Regina Hope Cross and she’s Alex’s grandmother who looked after him when he grew up. She’s 81 years old and still lives with Alex and his three children in Washington DC. Nana used to work as an English teacher and as an assistant principal at Garfield North Junior High School in Washington. She’s quite severe and manners are very important for her. She helped take care of Alex and his kids after Maria died.

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