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The main titles of the Street Fighter fighting game series have introduced a varied cast of 87 characters from the main series, and 34 from several spin-offs, for a total of 121 playable characters who originate from 24 different countries around the world, each with his or her unique fighting style. This is a list of playable characters and non-playable opponents from the whole franchise. They are categorized based on the game in which they first became playable, including the original Street Fighter game, the Street Fighter II series, the Street Fighter Alpha series, the Street Fighter III series, the Street Fighter IV series, Street Fighter V, Street Fighter 6 and other related games.

The table below summarizes every single fighter in the main series. A green cell indicates that the character is playable, with the number indicating the revision or version of the game they are introduced in (e.g. the numbers in Street Fighter V and Street Fighter 6 indicate the downloadable content season; number 0 indicates the character was part of the original or base game roster), a red cell indicates that the character does not appear in the game in any way, while a yellow cell indicates that the character makes an appearance as a non-playable character. Bold indicates the character's first playable appearance in the series.



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