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Alyssa Enrile

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Power Rangers Wild Force is the 2002 Power Rangers season that tells the story of the Wild Force Power Rangers and their fight against the Orgs.

The Wild Force Rangers are granted mystical powers and charged to protect the Earth from pollution-created creatures called Orgs. More specifically, they defend the fictional city of Turtle Cove, and are stationed aboard a flying island called the Animarium. Their mentor is Princess Shayla, and her mentor is Animus (an ancient Megazord). The Rangers represent the Ancient Animarium Warriors who also fought to destroy the Orgs and saved the Earth. The Rangers morph using devices known as Growl Phones, which can also act as regular cell phones for communication purposes. Each Ranger is also armed with a Crystal Saber (into which an Animal Crystal is inserted to call a Wild Zord). In addition to piloting their Wild Zords, the Rangers pilot other vehicles, like the Soul Bird and the Savage Cycles. When the Rangers put their weapons together they create the Jungle Sword, which can be used by the Red Ranger to defeat certain enemies. The Rangers have displayed claws on their gloves while morphed. The Yellow Ranger, additionally, has wing-like flaps under her arms, giving her the ability to fly and glide on currents of wind.

Cole Evans is the main protagonist and the Red Lion Ranger. He is the son of scientists Richard and Elizabeth Evans, who were killed by 20 years prior. Cole, a baby at the time, was found and raised by a jungle tribe of natives. This life gave him an incredible connection to nature which greatly prepared him to be a Ranger. He has amazing agility, sharp senses, and thinks on his feet. When the natives felt Cole was old enough, they gave him a few items they found on him as a baby - a picture of his parents, and the Red Lion animal crystal and sent him on a quest to find his destiny. With only these two things to go on, Cole left the wilderness for the city of Turtle Cove. Shortly after, he was found by Princess Shayla and the Rangers, and chosen by the Red Lion to be the Red Wild Force Ranger.

Cole has a love for animals and the wilderness. He immediately fell in love with his new home on the Animarium. His connection with nature allows him to communicate with animals, including the Wild Zords. Cole is the only Ranger who can understand the Wild Zords when they speak to the Rangers telepathically. He once tried to appeal to the heart of an Org, only to find with his senses that the Org had none. Cole is a bit inexperienced in the ways of the civilized man, but approaches each new challenge with zeal, such as learning to ride his Savage Cycle.

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