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Ahab Predator

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Fire and Stone is a comic book series crossover set in the fictional universe of the Alien vs. Predator franchise. It was first published by Dark Horse Comics in the fall of 2014 and continued until 2015 and was followed by the comic book series Life and Death (2016–2017). The comic book series is considered part of the extended universe of the Alien and Predator franchises, being set after the events of Prometheus.

The main storyline begins after the end of the Prometheus film and continues across different eras, such as that of Aliens, involving different characters from those seen in each film series. The comic series is divided into four mini-series related to each franchise. Each mini-series is composed of four issues. A final, double-sized issue that gives closure to the main storyline was also produced. The series ties in popular franchises such as Predator and remarks on the origins of the Aliens, and Engineers.

A journey funded by Weyland-Yutani corporation sees a captain Angela lead her team on a discovery mission to planet LV-223. A small group lands on the planet on a shuttle craft and survey the planet to find remnants of a black goo which caused the barren planet they were to survey to evolve into a jungle with alien lifeforms including the protagonist Alien.

A scientist on the survey team Francis, along with synth Elden find discovery notes on the black goos power to cause rapid evolution. The survey team find an Engineer ship along the way and encounter an Engineer. Galgo a swarthy character finds an Engineer developed gun and keeps it. The survey team also discover the Engineers laboratory where they were breeding aliens. The scientist meanwhile plagued with cancer injects the black goo substance into Elden to visualise what the effect would be. Elden then transforms into a semi robotic and fleshy humanoid and subsequently chases down Francis after feelings of being betrayed.

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