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343 Guilty Spark

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343 Guilty Spark, also known as just Spark, is a fictional character in the military science fiction Halo franchise. 343 Guilty Spark plays a major role in the storyline of the original Halo video game trilogy: the character appears in Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3, as well as the remakes of the first two games, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and Halo 2: Anniversary. 343 Guilty Spark is voiced by actor Tim Dadabo in all media.

Within series lore, 343 Guilty Spark is an artificial intelligence entity whose role, as designated by his creators the Forerunners, is to serve as the caretaker of one of several ring-shaped megastructures scattered throughout the galaxy known as the Halo Array, specifically Installation 04. The true purpose of each Halo installation is to contain any infestation of the extraterrestrial parasitic species known as the Flood via its activation by a suitable candidate known as a "Reclaimer", which destroys all life within its blast radius. The character is also known by other names: the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) faction refer to him as the Monitor, and to the multi-species Covenant faction he is the Oracle because of his association with the legacy of his creators.

The original developers of the Halo franchise, Bungie Studios, used the Star Wars droid character C-3PO as a reference point for Guilty Spark's personality and voice, with the intention that his hidden agenda of genocide is masked by his genial attitude towards the player character. Further story developments in sequel novels published after the release of Halo 3 reveal that a fragment of Guilty Spark survived his apparent destruction in Halo 3, and that he was originally created from the mind of a human being called Chakas several millennia before the events of the Halo series.

A prominent character in the Halo franchise, 343 Guilty Spark is noted for alternating between the roles of benefactor and antagonist to the series' protagonist, Master Chief, and his allies. The character's critical reception has been mixed; criticism focused on aspects of his personality and his role in the campaign mission gameplay, while his role in the games' narrative as an agent of revelation and provider of story exposition has been well-received.

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