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Jessica Priest

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Jessica Priest is a fictional character from the Spawn universe. Specifically, Priest serves as a substitute in the Spawn film for Chapel, Al Simmons's killer in the comic book. Priest was played by Melinda Clarke in the film.

The character of Chapel (originally from the comic book series Youngblood) could not be used in the Spawn movie because the rights to the character were owned by Rob Liefeld. McFarlane created Priest as a replacement for Chapel in the film and later had Priest retcon to be Spawn's killer in the comic as well. Some of her background is revealed in Curse of the Spawn #12-14.

Jessica Priest works as an assassin for Spawn's nemesis Jason Wynn. Prior to shooting Simmons, she searches South America for a biogenetic weapon for her boss.

She later appears in the Curse of Spawn series where she is revealed to have a husband and two step children. She later returns in #298 where she is seen talking to Nyx about Al Simmons and the forces of Hell trying to hunt down. Later on she would become a hellspawn herself.

Jessica Priest Jessica Priest Jessica Priest

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