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Alex Parrish

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Alexandra Parrish is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American television drama thriller series Quantico on ABC. The character was created by Joshua Safran and is portrayed by Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, who became the first South Asian to lead an American network drama series. Her casting has received widespread praise and media attention, crediting ABC for bringing more diversity, especially a South Asian as the face of a mainstream American series on a huge network.

The focal point of the series, Alex was introduced as a recruit at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. Alex eventually became an FBI field agent and later the prime suspect for a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal. Despite clearing her name, she was fired from the Bureau and went on to join the CIA, where she was later named a fugitive for releasing classified U.S. intelligence to the public. The series focuses on her struggle to keep her country safe, while juggling her career and maintaining her on and off relationship with boyfriend Ryan Booth and her friendship with her best friend Shelby Wyatt. Originally conceived as a white character, Alex's characterization changed significantly following Chopra's casting, which came as a result of a talent holding deal ABC Studios had with the actress.

The character has garnered positive reviews from critics and Chopra was immediately praised for portraying her, with James Poniewozik of The New York Times naming her the "strongest human asset" of the show, while other critics have called her "charismatic and commanding". For her performance as Alex, Chopra has won two People's Choice Awards: Favorite Actress in a New TV Series in 2016, making her the first South Asian to win a People's Choice Award, and Favorite Dramatic TV Actress in 2017.

Alex was born on July 18, 1982. She grew up in Oakland, California, with her parents Michael and Sita. Her father was an alcoholic and physically abusive towards his wife. When Alex was in her pre-teenage years, Michael was killed during a violent episode against Sita. The police declined to press charges, unaware that Alex was responsible for Michael's death. Alex was then sent to live with Sita's family in Mumbai, India. Alex returned to the United States, where she enrolled at the FBI Academy in 2015. Unknown to the Bureau, Alex had discovered that her father was a former FBI agent and had applied to learn more about his past. Alex kept her activities a secret from Sita, telling her mother that she was starting graduate school. A stuffed bear wearing a UC Berkeley sweater can be seen on her desk in the fifteenth episode of the first season, suggesting that she may have attended the University of California, Berkeley, prior to enrolling at Quantico.

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