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Raccoon City

CBUB Wins: 4
CBUB Losses: 4
Win Percentage: 50.00%

Added by: Venom 2009

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Resident Evil, also known as is a Japanese horror video game series and media franchise created by Capcom. The franchise follows stories about biological weapons and viral incidents. The game series consists of survival horror, third-person shooter, and first-person shooter games. The franchise has expanded into a live-action film series, animated films, television, comic books, novels, audio dramas, and other media and merchandise.

The first game was created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara and was released for the PlayStation in 1996. It is credited for defining the survival horror genre and returning zombie to popular culture. With Resident Evil 4 (2005), the franchise shifted to more dynamic shooting action; it influenced the evolution of the survival horror and third-person genres, popularizing the "over-the-shoulder" third-person view. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) moves the series to a first-person perspective, while Resident Evil Village (2021) introduced Lycans to the series.

Resident Evil is Capcom's best-selling video game franchise, with units sold worldwide as of June 2021. It is the best-selling horror game series, in addition to the film adaptations being the highest-grossing video game film series, making Resident Evil the highest-grossing franchise in the horror and zombie genres. The franchise has been influential in popular culture, inspiring popular media in the video game, film and television industries.

The development of the first Resident Evil, released as Biohazard in Japan, began in 1993 when Capcom's Tokuro Fujiwara told Shinji Mikami and other co-workers to create a game using elements from Fujiwara's 1989 game Sweet Home. When in late 1994 marketing executives were setting up to release Biohazard in the United States, it was pointed out that securing the rights to the name Biohazard would be very difficult as a DOS game had been registered under that name, as well as a New York hardcore punk band called Biohazard. A contest was held among company personnel to choose a new name; this competition turned up Resident Evil, the name under which it was released in the west. Resident Evil made its debut on the PlayStation in 1996 and was later ported to the Sega Saturn.

Fantasy Teams Season 11 Record:

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Result Opponent My Score   Their Score
Loss Meowth 6 to 8
Win Bob (Agent of Hydra) 7 to 4
Win Perry The Platypus 7 to 2

Fantasy Teams Season 12 Record:

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Result Opponent My Score   Their Score
Loss Alice (Resident Evil) 1 to 15
Win Alan Grant 9 to 4
Loss Michonne 3 to 6
Win Alexa "Lex" Woods 7 to 3
Loss John Connor 5 to 6