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"Amok Time" is an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. It is episode #30, production #34, and first broadcast on 15 September 1967. It was repeated 26 April 1968. This was the first television episode of the second season, and the first to air after the series moved to Friday nights at 8:30pm. It was written by science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, scored by Gerald Fried, and directed by Joseph Pevney.

The episode features Mr. Spock returning to his homeworld for a brutal Vulcan mating ritual. It is the only episode of the original series to have scenes on the planet Vulcan.

Spock requests a leave of absence to his home planet of Vulcan after displaying irrational behavior. Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy witness one of Spock's outbursts, and McCoy agrees Spock needs some "time off."

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