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Alibaba Saluja

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This is a list of characters for the manga Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka, and its sidestory Adventure of Sinbad, also written by Ohtaka, but with drawings by Yoshifumi Ohtera. Both stories borrow elements and character names from the One Thousand and One Nights, and the main story is being adapted into an anime series, whose first season aired from October 2012 to March 2013 with a follow-up airing from Fall 2013 to Winter 2014. The side story is also being adapted, first as an OVA series, then as an anime series as well.



: A mysterious young boy with a huge djinn within his flute, he travels in search of metal vessels that contain other djinns. He has a pure and innocent, yet wise personality that dislikes fighting. Although he looks like a child, he loves to bury his face on the breasts of the beautiful ladies he meets, the larger the better. Known as a 'Magi', able to gather the Magoi of Rukh to power his magic, Aladdin is considered special among other Magi as despite in all history there were only three living Magi at the same time, for the first time a fourth Magi (him) appears while the other three are still alive. He also has the ability to materialize the djinn 'Ugo' that lies within his flute. In addition, he has a magical turban that when unwrapped, acts as a magic carpet. He makes his first human friend upon meeting Alibaba, whom he chooses as his king candidate not to become the ruler of a single nation, but to help him inspire others with his kindness and leadership. Later he is blessed with the , that allows him to contact the souls of the dead that lie within the guidance of Rukh, which later he perfects to grant him their knowledge as well. Having no memories of his origins, he does not know much about his identity and the world. After helping Alibaba in Balbadd, he sets with him and Morgiana to the Sindria Kingdom where he learns more about magic with the court magician and general Yamraiha, before leaving to further study at Magnostadt's magic academy, disguised as a normal magician, while taking the opportunity to investigate its connection with Al-Thamen. When Magnostadt is invaded by the Reim Empire, Aladdin joins the fight to put an end on the conflict, making use of his newfound experience combined with his abilitites as a Magi to repel the invaders while protecting both friend and foe from harm. Once reunited with Alibaba, Aladdin finally reveals his true mission to prevent Al-Thamen from recreating the same tragic event that culminated with the destruction of Alma-Torran, mankind's original world and whose survivors were transferred to the current world by Ugo. After fighting against Gyokuen and Sinbad, Aladdin vanishes without a trace, until Alibaba returns to the world of the living and upon contacting his longtime friend, it is revealed that he took refuge in the Dark Continent with Morgiana and Hakuryuu, and the three reunite with Alibaba after returning from there.

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