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This is a list of significant characters from the television program Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, its prequel Young Hercules, and Xena: Warrior Princess.

The Amazons are an all-female tribe who make frequent appearances in the series. They are first depicted as a large nation that spreads throughout the land and then later as a number of tribes scattered throughout the world, segregated by an unknown cataclysm from their distant past. The Amazons trace their creation to the goddess Artemis, and value an all-female society that strives to uphold the same rights and freedoms for women as those of men. Each tribe is headed by a queen, whose position may be either inherited, or passed on as a right of caste to any named successor. A queen's authority may also be openly challenged by another royal Amazon and her title relinquished if she is defeated in single combat.

Although several tribes are known in different countries, Xena deals prominently with the Greek Amazons and the Northern Amazons of Siberia. With her fighting skills and advocacy for women's rights, Xena bears a striking resemblance to the Amazons. But she is careful to emphasize that she is not an Amazon, nor does she deserve the honor of becoming one. She turns down offers to join the tribes, preferring an independent, nomad lifestyle to the membership of a collective. The series reveals that some of the Amazons do not trust Xena because of atrocities she committed against them in her past, although most respect her abilities as a warrior.

This chance encounter leads to Gabrielle's acceptance into the Amazons, and with it she carries her title's duties and expectations. Although Gabrielle decides to continue to follow Xena on her adventures, she is occasionally called by her Amazon sisters in times of need or to fulfill her duties as royalty. The tribes also value Xena as an experienced warrior, and occasionally request her assistance.

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