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2B (Nier: Automata)

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2B (short for "YoRHa No. 2 Type B") is the protagonist and initial player character of the 2017 video game Nier: Automata. A humanoid combat android created as part of the YoRHa squadron, her mission is to liberate Earth from hostile machine lifeforms created by an unnamed alien race. Her Type B designation indicates that she specializes in front-line combat, and she is able to wield two weapons and use a large variety of combat styles. Her personality is cold, collected, and quick-thinking in dire situations, a trait of her model line that was inherited from her predecessor A2, whom she resembles perfectly. She disdains open displays of emotion, believing them to be unnecessary, although she hides emotional trauma and anger over the missions she is forced to complete.

She has been noted as a popular character amongst fans both for her personality and character design, and has had cameo appearances in numerous games. Her uniform has been both praised as an example of haute couture in video games and criticized for its sexualized appearance.

2B has silvery white hair and pale skin, a beauty mark at the right of her lips, with a distinctly human appearance and features. She wears a short black dress adorned with feathers and white gloves with black designs, and other accoutrements reminiscent of lolita fashion. Under her skirt is a white leotard that is revealed if her outfit is damaged in battle, or she activates her self-destruct function. A removable black blindfold covers her eyes and functions as a head-up display.

2B possesses superhuman combat abilities, and the ability to backup her consciousness to her base at the Bunker, obtaining a new copy of her body from storage. As with all other YoRHa, her consciousness is contained within a unique type of core, the Black Box, which creates a massive energy detonation upon touching another Box. Though supposedly a miniature fusion reactor, it is later revealed to have been created from machine lifeform cores, as installing "standard AI" was considered "inhumane" for the ultimately disposable YoRHa androids. This makes said units more prone to malfunction and going rogue.

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