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is an anime television series produced by Madhouse and Walt Disney Japan, based on the Marvel Comics universe. The first season began airing on the Dlife satellite channel in July 2017 and ran for 26 episodes, followed by a 13 episode second season in 2018. The series was released internationally via Disney+ in 2020.

The series follows Makoto, Adi, and Chloe, three teenagers who have been raised by Hydra to believe that they are being trained to become superheroes and that the Avengers are villains. The three have been genetically modified by Hydra, resulting in each gaining unique superhuman abilities. Upon being sent out on a mission for the first time, Adi and Chloe came to realize Hydra's evil intentions and decide to leave the organization, and get Makoto to join their escape attempt. Makoto becomes the only one who gets away, and he goes to Tony Stark seeking help to save Adi and Chloe. Tony brings in the other Avengers, and with Makoto's help, they succeed in defeating Hydra, liberating Adi and Chloe. Realizing the potential they have, the Avengers decide to take the three in and train them to become superheroes, dubbing the team the "Future Avengers". While training the new recruits, the Avengers also seek to learn more about the "Emerald Rain Project", a dangerous scheme being orchestrated by Hydra and the Masters of Evil, and what connection it has to Makoto. The matter becomes further complicated when Bruno, another genetically-modified teen and also Makoto's former training partner, is manipulated into joining the Masters of Evil's ranks.

The series was first announced in February 2017 for broadcast on Disney's Dlife satellite channel the following summer. The series' premiere date, cast and staff were later confirmed the following May. Yūzō Satō, the director of Marvel Anime: Iron Man, was announced as the series director, with Takahiro Umehara providing the character designs. Ryū King, the lead writer on 2014's Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, returned to write Marvel Future Avengers; the Disk Wars voice cast also reprise their respective roles. In January 2018, the series was renewed for a second season, which premiered in July of that same year.

A Marvel Future Avengers manga series by Teruaki Mizuno premiered in the April 2017 issue of Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic Special magazine. and the second season on May 22, 2020.

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