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Alicia Melchiott

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The following is a list of major characters of the Sega role-playing video game series Valkyria Chronicles and its related media.

The characters of the Valkyria Chronicles games were designed by Raita Honjou. For Valkyria Chronicles, the developers aimed for a "rustic" look due to the game's use of the PlayStation 3's CANVAS engine. During the early development process, Raita based his designs more directly on examples from World War II, however they proved to be too modern for what the developers wanted to achieve. Thus, Raita aimed for a motif closer to that found in World War I, first creating Alicia and Welkin's concept illustrations and using them as a basis for the rest of the Gallian cast. World War II influence can still be seen in the designs of Imperial characters such as Gregor, whose uniform is heavily based on German officers' uniforms from that period.


:Voiced by (English): Dave Wittenberg Voiced by (Japanese): Susumu Chiba

Alicia Melchiott Alicia Melchiott Alicia Melchiott

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