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Selene (Underworld)

CBUB Wins: 11
CBUB Losses: 5
Win Percentage: 68.75%

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Selene is a fictional character from the Underworld film series. She is the main protagonist in both Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, portrayed by Kate Beckinsale and also by Beckinsale's daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, in Underworld: Evolution in flashback scenes as a child.

Selene was born to a Hungarian family. Her father was a well-known blacksmith who helped design a fortress for a general named Viktor. The fortress was actually a dungeon intended for the imprisonment of the Werewolf, William Corvinus, condemned for his bloody and destructive behavior and to keep Vampire Elder Markus under Viktor's control. After Lycan purportedly killed her family, Selene was the only one left alive who had walked through the corridors of the fortress. However, she did not know that her family was slain by Viktor himself, and believed Viktor had saved her from the Lycans. Viktor only let her live because of resemblance to his deceased daughter. The night of her family's murder she was made into a vampire by Viktor.

She became a Death Dealer, fighting against the Lycans for vengeance on the atrocities she believed they had committed against her family. She also exiled the Official Historian, Andreas Tanis, on Viktor's orders. Many years later (shortly before the events portrayed in Underworld) she became an object of romantic interest for Kraven, the Coven's regent, however she did not reciprocate his advances.

She is proficient with many weapons, both medieval and modern. Modern firearms that she uses include the Walther P99 and a variety of automatic machine pistol. In both movies, she is seen jumping from a ledge at least one hundred feet and landing without injury.

Selene (Underworld)

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